In Russia, began to pay for denunciations

In Russia, began to pay for denunciations

Russians will be able to get rewarded to several million rubles for help in solving crimes and apprehending perpetrators. The corresponding order of the Ministry of interior took effect on Monday, August 27.


Benefits can range from 50 thousand to 10 million rubles. The reward of up to 500 thousand rubles will be established by decision of the head of the territorial body of the Ministry of interior or his Deputy, to 3 million — according to the decision of the Deputy head of the interior Ministry, more than 3 million — by decision of the Minister.

The money can be paid the informant in cash or credited to a Bank account.

To date, police have paid a fee in exceptional cases, promising a prize for the capture of dangerous criminals. The special Fund law enforcement no funds are allocated from internal resources of the departments for each specific case.