“I’m gonna have nightmares”. In New Zealand, found a giant squid

“I’m gonna have nightmares”. In New Zealand, found a giant squid

MOSCOW, 27 Jun — RIA Novosti. Bicyclists traveling in New Zealand, found on the beach squid with a length of over four metres, reports the Daily Mail.


Brothers Daniel, Jack, and Matthew Aplin came across a giant dead mollusk in the early morning of August 26. They measured it with a ruler and called in the national Institute of water and atmospheric research.

Experts have taken invertebrate in the lab. Later they said that it is a typical representative of the giant squid — kind deep-sea squid.

Pictures of the clam in the account of the OCEAN HUNTER Spearfishing & Freediving Specialists in Facebook gathered hundreds of comments. Some users questioned the fact that the photos are real squid, but most wrote that they were afraid to swim off the coast of New Zealand.

Wellington team member Dan had an interesting find in Wellington this morning!

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“People are afraid of sharks. And if you meet under water with such a creature?” — posted by John Taurua.

“That’s why people don’t live in the sea,” said Sam Scott.

“Have you seen this? But it’s just the baby giant squid! My fear appeared rational justification,” added Luke York.

“How fortunate that in Wellington too cold to swim,” said Nina Baker.

“I’ll have nightmares like this thing is eating me like seafood — this is me,” wrote Mikequeesha Tydeman.

Some commentators expressed concern that in recent time on the beaches of New Zealand were too many dead marine life.

Others remembered that squid is not only scary, but tasty.

“Just imagine how much he will make of the rings,” joked Darren Pollard.