Five high-profile public clashes trump and McCain

Five high-profile public clashes trump and McCain

Although John McCain and President Donald trump was a party, between a few years there was fierce rivalry.


McCain was one of the most vocal critics of trump from the start of the presidential term of the latter.

Trump did not remain in debt: once he publicly questioned the fact that the military background of McCain, who was captured during the Vietnam war, indeed so heroic.

Immediately after the death of McCain’s trump wrote a post on Twitter with condolences to his family, but even it could not find the words to speak about the late Senator, for which he was criticized. “My deepest condolences to the family of Senator John McCain. You are in our hearts, we pray for you,” wrote trump.

The statements of the predecessors trump, Barack Obama and George W. Bush contrasted with a short tweet trump.

We chose five of the most memorable moments of fierce political confrontation between the President and the Senator, a veteran.

1. “Trump provokes psychopaths”

In the summer of 2015 Donald trump started the fight for the nomination for President from the Republican party with attacks against immigrants from Mexico.

“They bring drugs, crime, they rape, although, of course, among them there are good people,” he said then, once again provoking a wave of criticism in his address.

In the same meeting with voters trump first announced his plan to build a wall on the border with Mexico.

McCain is one of the first to condemn trump, accusing him that his views he was “provoking crazies”.

2. McCain — “no war hero”

McCain made his first lunge, but trump was quick to respond.

Less than a month after the speech of Mexican migrants, at a meeting with supporters in Iowa, he stated that he does not consider McCain a war hero.

“He’s not a hero because he was captured,” said trump. “I like people who are not captured”.

McCain was captured during the war in Vietnam after his plane was shot down over Hanoi. He was held in captivity for more than five years, from 1967 to 1973, regularly subjected to torture. Assistant McCain told reporters after his death that John McCain before going out in public, for example, at a campaign rally, it was necessary that someone had combed his hair. The Viet Cong there many times breaking his hand during his stay in captivity, until his death, he was unable to raise a hand with a hairbrush to the head.

Trump’s rivals in the fight for the nomination from the Republicans condemned his attacks on McCain, and trump has softened the tone, though, and apologized. McCain apology trump was not needed. He wanted the President apologized to the “families of those who sacrificed their lives in the war”.

To attack trump he replied a few years, and only a hint, criticizing those who have enough money to evade military service and to pay doctors, “are ready to find they have a bone spur”.

President trump in the 1960-ies received five certificates that unfit for military service four times due to his studies, and in the fifth just due to the calcium formations at the ankle, which are called “bone spurs”.

3. “I just grabbed them for…”

After trump finished with competitors in the fight for the nomination, McCain accepted the choice of his party and at the time, ceased to criticize him.

However, prior to the presidential elections in 2016 in the Internet appeared the video, where the future President went and spoke rudely about women.

In the video, trump said that “when you’re a star” with women “can do anything”, and boasted of their past attempts at harassment.

Support for McCain has evaporated: he said that trump should “suffer the consequences” of their behavior.

“Because of the behavior of Donald trump to support him, even in the current environment, it is impossible”, — McCain said then, adding that the behavior of the candidate in presidents there is no excuses and that all the blame for this conflict rests on the trump.

“No woman should become the victim of such vicious behavior,” McCain said.

4. The failure of trump’s proposed health care reform

After trump won the presidency and began to work on the reforms, his rivalry with McCain only worsened.

One of the key election pledges of the new York magnate in 2016 was the abolition introduced Barack Obama to the law “About the patient protection and affordable health care,” also known as “Obamacare”.

The Republicans tried several times to repeal the law, and they almost got it in the Senate, where they control 52 seats out of 100, they had to receive 50 votes.

However, McCain is struggling at this time with cancer came to Capitol hill literally from his hospital bed and pointedly voted against the Republican bill, thereby depriving the party of a chance to undo Obama’s legacy.

Trump criticized Republicans who voted against it, saying that they “didn’t have the courage to vote for”.

5. “The President of the United States should not congratulate the dictator”

McCain spent many years in the Senate international Affairs, and in recent years headed the powerful Senate Committee on the armed forces.

He advocated the continued presence of the American military contingent abroad, and no wonder he did not like the constant praise of three of the Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

When Putin in March 2018 was elected for another presidential term, McCain has sharply criticized the US President for the fact that he congratulated “the dictator.”

“The US President the leader of the free world congratulate dictators with a victory in fraudulent elections”, — he said.

McCain criticized trump and after the President met with Putin in Helsinki, said that contrary to the opinion of its intelligence services believe his assurances that Russia would not interfere in U.S. elections.

McCain called the meeting “one of the most infamous speeches of the American President” in his memory.

“The damage caused by naivety, selfishness, false comparisons and sympathy to trump autocrats, it is difficult to assess”, — he wrote in a statement. “But it is obvious that the summit in Helsinki was a tragic mistake.”