Udaltsov was hospitalized again

Udaltsov was hospitalized again

MOSCOW, 26 Aug — RIA Novosti. The coordinator of “Left front” Sergei Udaltsov, a second time delivered from the detention center to the hospital because of a dry hunger strike, reported RIA Novosti his wife Anastasia Udaltsova.


Meshchansky court in Moscow August 14, Udaltsov was arrested for 30 days for violations in the organization of public events, after which he stopped taking water and food. Due to the deterioration of the August 19, he was admitted to hospital with preliminary diagnosis of “dehydration”, but on 20 August he was taken back to the detention center.

Hospitalized today at 11.15 GMT in the hospital № 67. I’m in the hospital, saying that a visit will be possible after 16.00 GMT. The diagnosis does not say.Anastasia Wallowasong

Udaltsov year ago released from a colony where served time in 4.5 years on charges of organizing riots on Bolotnaya square in Moscow in may 2012. After that Udaltsov has been repeatedly detained for various violations in the organization of demonstrations and actions.