“Fainted, lost memory”: Rotaru became ill

“Fainted, lost memory”: Rotaru became ill

Concert Director Sofia Rotaru commented on the state of the singer.


People’s artist of USSR Sofia Rotaru felt unwell on the performance at the party, resulting in the singer needed medical help. According to media reports, Rotaru was hospitalized in one of the Ufa hospitals. The artist herself has confirmed that she became ill during a speech, but said that is already on the mend.

People’s artist of USSR Sofia Rotaru was urgently hospitalized in one of the Ufa hospitals, reports “Russia 1”. According to the publication, she became ill during a speech at corporate, and the doctors rushed her to the hospital around 23:00 on Saturday, August 25.

“The singer was placed in intensive care now for her life doctors struggle Ufa, — said an anonymous source. — Know that Sophia is conscious and she is given all necessary help”.

To disclose information on the health status of Rotaru to the hospital staff forbade.

Interestingly, the people’s artist of the USSR was not scheduled concerts in the capital of Bashkiria, but it was part of his repertoire at one of the indoor corporate events.

Concert Director of the singer Sergey Lavrov confirmed that Rotaru was in Ufa with the statement, however, denied the information about the hospitalization of the actress.

Sofia Mikhailovna’s all right, it was just a small increase in pressure after a private concert in Ufa because of the heat, — quoted Lavrov TASS. — Protocol on duty “ambulance”. Asked physicians to measure the pressure and help to reduce. Artist okay, now flew to Moscow, have already landed. It is not true that she was in intensive care, about than some media.Sergei Lavrov concert Director of the singer

The son Rotaru refused to comment on recent media information about the alleged hospitalization of the singer.

According to the latest information, the singer really was not good at speech, but now she feels better. About it Rotaru wrote in his instagram.