Died the most famous on the planet, the capybara

Died the most famous on the planet, the capybara

Died capybara Jojo, who because of his friendliness has become famous in Instagram. On the death of the pet on his page said the owner of the capybara. “Thank you for the love,” he wrote next to the photo and the dates of life of a rodent.


On the causes of death, Jojo is not reported. Rodent lived for five years, although in captivity the age capybaras can reach 12.

One of the last videos with Jojo on YouTube of the animal are visible bald spots. “Maybe Jojo is aging, but he still loves when his stroke”, — has signed a video, a pet owner Cody Kennedy carded your pet.

Thank you for the love!

Publication from JoeJoe (@joejoe_the_capybara) Aug 24, 2018 at 5:27 PDT

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JoJo lived with Kennedy in Las Vegas. The future owner has acquired a pet for $ 800 the breeders of capybaras. Before calling Vdovenko, he tried a variety of nicknames, while the rodent answered Jojo.

The representative of the largest rodents on the planet was more than 120 thousand followers on Instagram and thousands of fans on YouTube. The video on the channel Jojo has collected almost 10 million views.