“Circumcision is the most important holiday”. What transactions a migrant makes at home

“Circumcision is the most important holiday”. What transactions a migrant makes at home

MOSCOW, Aug 26 — RIA Novosti, Anastasia Gadinsky. Circumcision at home or abortion in a clandestine clinic — working in Russia, migrants have long been settled by our infrastructure, including in the medical field. In large cities there are etnofolclorice and a whole network of doctors who privately hold demand from visitors procedure. On the days after home circumcision almost died two-year-old boy from a Tajik family. RIA Novosti has learnt, where and are treated as illegal migrants.

Up“Some work without medical training”

Twentieth of August living in the New Moscow citizens of Tajikistan called an ambulance for a two year old. The doctors explained that he used the services of private specialists, who spent their son circumcised at home.

First, the head of the family wanted to go to a paid clinic, but there for the procedure asked for 30 thousand rubles. Then the visitors called the private doctor — he recommended them to friends. They assured that the person is “proven” and cheap.

The doctor came the next day, made two anesthetic injection began to the procedure. However, the child’s eyes became bad — he began to fight in convulsions, turning blue, and fainted. On the helicopter, the boy was taken to the hospital. As it turned out, the background anesthetic, he suffered an anaphylactic shock, the child fell into a coma. Doctors managed to stabilize him, now a boy’s life is not in danger. The specialist, whom ran family arrested: turns out he was working without a license. Opened a criminal case.

The head of the family says that to carry out the procedure in the medical facility, he decided only to save. But, as explained RIA Novosti the Chairman of the Association of Tajik organizations Samandar, a member of the Council for nationalities under the government of Moscow Abdullah of Davlatov, circumcision at home — quite common for some immigrants from Central Asia practice.

“In Tajikistan it is often called “Usto”. They have no medical education, but there is a wealth of experience that they pass on from generation to generation. I myself several times saw, how they work, and was amazed. Remember how “cool” he gave a child of five national cake, said, “If it hurts, hold it with teeth.” However, the boy even didn’t manage to scream, as the master did the trick. And without any anesthesia. Then I asked the guy if he was hurt. “No, — replied the child. If a mosquito bit me.”

Antiseptic is “Usto” use burnt wool — it is believed that this material has a disinfecting effect.

Interestingly, the masters, whose work I watched in the medicine Cabinet was sintomitsinovoy ointment. But he preferred wool. And about any complications after this homemade surgery I heard.Abdullah Davlatova of the Council for nationalities under the government of Moscow

However, in Russia “Usto” do not go. And some parents, paying tribute to the traditions I want to carry out this procedure at home, because circumcision is one of the main events in the life of the boy and his family. “Families saving up money to this worthy event to celebrate. Invite all the relatives, friends and villagers. During the procedure contains only the most loved ones — father, brother. The rest are feasting in the next room” — describes the ceremony, Abdullah.

About the traditions of migrants are not forgotten in Russia. Because of the demand for this service often come from not surgeons or urologists, and therapists, and paramedics. “I know one person who does it without any special education. He is at home have seen it done, and arriving in Russia, decided to offer their services for money,” the source says.

Abdullah of Dovlatov himself a General practitioner, working in one of the Moscow clinics. Says if the resource person took hold circumcised the child in the summer, then he’s not even minimum medical knowledge. “Summer time only doing emergency surgery — due to the fact that very bad wounds heal, there is a risk of infection”.

In a consultation before having the procedure, the child is required to take a blood, including clotting, the baby examined by a pediatrician. However, it is circumcised in clinics expensive — a minimum of 25 thousand rubles.

A master at home usually take 150-200 dollars. For many parents, who came here for work, is a decisive factor. Moreover, the fixed rate not — it all depends on family welfare.Chairman of the Association of Tajik organizations Samandar

The doctor of Children’s city clinical hospital named after N. F. Filatov Kirill Stransky told RIA Novosti that with complications after home circumcision (so the technical term for circumcision) to them bring two or three patients a year. “Basically, they deliver with bleeding. Doctors, which called on the house not have the necessary equipment. In particular, they do not have of the coagulator, which would have stopped the bleeding. Deaths in my practice was not, but the kids needed serious”.

Tribal migration

If circumcision some migrants try to spend at home, women giving birth, came to work, on the contrary, in hospitals. Moreover, the assurances Davlatova, often pregnant women specially come to Russia to here, “resolved”: “In Tajikistan for all of the procedures have to pay. In Russia, however, emergency care is provided free of charge, no matter a citizen of the country or not. So women about to give birth, when they feel the approach of pushing, just calling an ambulance. They deliver babies and treat then in three days free.”

This applies to any life — threatening conditions, serious injury, acute poisoning and infections. But to call an ambulance, you need at least a little bit to speak Russian, and this is not possible for all migrants. Yes, and many immigrants feel the fear of the official authorities — the legal documents is not at all. For such work in the clandestine clinic.

“Somehow in conjunction with the charity organization we decided to open one of Moscow’s markets, doctor’s office, where our compatriots would provide free first aid. And guess what — we started to “run into” the owner of the local clinic. Said: is our bread better that way do not go. Had to close the project, says Abdullah. But I was wondering what to treat my fellow doctors. I asked the guys working in that market, everyone was talking about hot shot. It turned out that almost as a panacea for all ills, the local doctor had given injections of calcium chloride. In fact, in all markets, there are dealers who go through the ranks with a medical bag and treated almost in the tent.”

“Did a false reference about nikke”

The twenty-third of July 2018 at the clinic, located in the center of Moscow, varsonof’evskiy pereulok from anaphylactic shock and died a citizen of Kyrgyzstan, Jazgul of Sarbagyshev. She was 39 years old and, according to the staff, she went to the doctors to conduct intimate plastics. However, as suggested by the investigators, the woman wanted to do an illegal abortion. Owned clinic a native of Kazakhstan. The license for implementation of medical activities had not. All the doctors were from migrant patients too. The institution is not needed — enough word of mouth. Accountancy was also rated, was carried out in conventional notebooks — they then found the nearest trash. Well, one of the most popular services in medical abortion.

As explained to RIA Novosti clinical psychologist Elena Mukhamedova, clandestine migrants have abortions, not only because it’s cheaper but also because they miss the time frame in which this procedure can be carried out legally.

“When a woman arrives in Russia after her husband, most often the Russian language she doesn’t know. From the house it comes out a little, all communication with the outside world is through her spouse. Consequently it is to go to the clinic she can’t. But to tell her husband about the intention often is not solved, it is not accepted culturally, the man doesn’t do stuff like that. In the end, she perekashivaet term, when the pregnancy can be interrupted legally — explains Mukhamedova, which as a clinical psychologist worked with patients of the Moscow regional perinatal center. — In addition, the Eastern woman is psychologically very difficult to decide on abortion, the cult of fertility. Because of this, she postpones going to the clinic”.