Trump said that he did not know about the meeting of the staff with Veselnitskaya

Trump said that he did not know about the meeting of the staff with Veselnitskaya

WASHINGTON, Aug 25 — RIA Novosti. The US President Donald trump said that he knew nothing about the meeting of the heads of their election headquarters with a Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya in 2016.


Trump made this statement due to the fact that his former personal attorney, Michael Cohen, pleaded guilty to financial crimes and promised through his lawyers to cooperate with the “Russian investigation” spectacular Robert Mueller.

“The lawyer, Michael Cohen clarified the data, stating that his client does not know if you knew that the President trump to meet you at “trump tower” from which nothing came out. The answer is: I didn’t know about the meeting. Another fake story of the fake news media!” — trump wrote on Twitter.

A number of U.S. media suggested earlier that the meeting of the ex-head of the campaign headquarters of Paul Manafort trump, son Donald trump Jr., trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner and others with Veselnitskaya in 2016 evidence of “collusion of Russia and the tramp”, which was supposed to help Trump to come to power. There have also been suggestions that Veselnitskaya could tell the meeting some incriminating information about her rival trump’s Hillary Clinton.

Published notes of the meeting participants, and their testimony is not confirmed. On the contrary, from the documents that Veselnitskaya spoke with representatives of the trump of the investor bill Browder, convicted in Russia on charges of economic crimes and ban on adoptions by Americans of Russian children. The chiefs quickly lost interest in the discussion and ended the meeting.