The mayor of US forgot to change account and posted the thanks to myself

The mayor of US forgot to change account and posted the thanks to myself

However, then put the blame on brother.


Mayor of U.S. city of Hoboken, new Jersey Ravi Bhalla was in an awkward situation. Once in the city the accident occurred, residents in some homes were left without water.

Bhalla helped them than could. On Facebook, he even posted a photo report, according to which he personally went from door to door, handing out drinking water and informed them about the situation.

Spent the evening knocking on doors at 70 Adams St to drop off water bottles and update residents on current conditions. SUEZ says water should be back on in the next 2-3 hours.

Published by Ravi Bhalla, Mayor of Hoboken on Tuesday, August 21 2018while downloading an error has occurred.Spent the evening knocking on the doors of the house at 70 Adams street, handing out bottles of water and telling residents about the current situation. SUEZ (a local company supplying the city with water) said the water will include two to three hours.

A good case has not gone unnoticed: under the post began to appear supportive comments. But then the unexpected happened — the mayor of the city on his behalf wrote their own gratitude.

Users have decided that a politician just forgot to change accounts and accidentally published a laudatory message to myself.

Mayor @RaviBhalla thanks for being there during the latest #hoboken water main burst, but just a suggestion — next time, wait to get actual feedback from residents before making up things all by yourself.

— Michael DeFusco (@mike_defusco) August 22, 2018

The mayor Bhalla, thank you for helping the victims of the problems with water supply in Hoboken, but there’s one sentence. Next time wait until you get real feedback from residents, before you invent it yourself.Soon the comment was deleted, but the press service of the mayor said that gratitude was not written by a politician, and his brother Amardip Singh.

However, it was too late. A screen capture of the ill-fated commentary spread around the net. It is also census other politician Michael Defusco who lost Bhalla on elections of the mayor. He noticed that the fake comments and the black PR is an integral part of the political campaign of his opponent.

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