Steven Seagal has separated the UI from diplomacy

Steven Seagal has separated the UI from diplomacy

Why the actor became a private entrepreneur.


On the morning of diplomacy, evening concert: Steven Seagal, who in early August became the special envoy of the Russian foreign Ministry once again set his sights on creativity. The actor opened IE. The media linked this with a desire to speak at corporate events. What may surprise the audience Seagal? And how much it will have to pay?

Less than three weeks, as the life of Steven Seagal from secular receptions, in which he smoked cigars with Maria Zakharova, flowed smoothly into the suburban town of Elektrostal, where on a regular basis lives actor. In the local branch of the FNS he received the status of an individual entrepreneur. Type of activity “entertainment”, the document says. Supposedly now the action star will play the music at corporate events.

“Kommersant FM” contacted Hollywood producer Bob van Winkelen — it was he who first brought the actor to Russia. He told me how much the performance of musicians:

Different. If Steven has a good relationship with the customer, you can do it absolutely for free. If he had to bring to Russia a team from Los Angeles, it costs about $300 thousand, plus postage cost. As a rule, it should be about 15-17 people.

$300 thousand — the sum is considerable. This, for example, the cost of a two bedroom apartment in the center of Moscow. But in comparison with Russian music in General, space money, said the Director of “the Kremlin-a concert” Sergey Lavrov, the organizer of the performances from many Russian stars: “This is too much. The highest fee, which I heard was $200 thousand and it’s closer to Christmas campaign, when the deadline and the top artists are really overwhelmed”.

“Kommersant FM” has decided to find out what songs Steven Seagal, something to listen to they are worth $300 thousand On his musical talents known for a long time: he even went on tour with Arsenal only two albums. We offer you to listen to the snippet.

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Several times Seagal has performed in Moscow in club of Igor Butman. “Kommersant FM” contacted the saxophonist and asked the terms on which organized the concert. It turned out that the fees there were much more modest:

Understand $300 thousand we did not pay anyone. In our clubs, the musician gets a percentage of ticket sales. There, I think, was 100 places. I don’t think they sold the tickets more than 2 thousand.

Really, $300 thousand cost of a full concert given a dozen guest musicians and expensive equipment. Besides, as stated by “Kommersant FM” the current agent Segal Anar, Raymond, SP opened largely not because of the parties, and not to have problems with the tax:

It is true that he became a private entrepreneur in Russia, but not in order to speak at corporate events. We still never on such events did not appear. It’s kind of a certain legal framework by which it will pay Russia’s taxes. The question was: “If you are asked to speak, you will not refuse?”. I said no, but still never spoke.

By the way, about the proposals. Two years ago, Seagal became the owner of Russian company “Russian fair”. His partner was the President of the group “ZAR”, the head of the world Congress of mountain Jews Akif Gilalov. He soon left the company for employment, but the businessman remembers it fondly. After learning that a former business partner ready to sing, Akif without hesitation wanted to invite him: “He is an honorable man, a patriot, why not? He’s a real man. We all grew up on his films. For his sake I do not regret.”

Apparently, at corporate Steven Seagal sooner or later all the same will appear. Although it depends on what is considered corporate. To the editor of “Kommersant FM” received an invitation to a private party the same company. The program says: a lecture for the guests will make Steven Seagal. However, to speak about the thirst of earning in this case is hardly possible: the President of this company, singer Emin Agalarov, a close friend of Segal. He, however, wants to question Robert Mueller on the case of Russian intervention. But that’s another story.