Passport and a notebook of Viktor Tsoi will auction

Passport and a notebook of Viktor Tsoi will auction

Passport Soviet musician Viktor Tsoi, a notebook with phones of his friends, as well as rare manuscripts of two songs that were discovered after his death in the apartment of friends on the street Rubinstein, transferred for sale in the “Antiquarium”, the auction is scheduled for September 26, said “RIA Novosti” CEO of the auction house Sergei Burmistrov.


The owner has set a price of 3.5 million rubles. on the website Avito, but later closed the ad. The General Director of “Empire” reported that the man contacted the auction house to transfer them to the auction.

“The most unexpected subject — a Soviet passport Tsoi. The starting price of 2.5 million rubles”, — said Mr. Burmistrov. He said that the owner of the lots in his youth spoke with Viktor Tsoi, they played together in a rock club on Rubinstein street, after the closure which was to visit him, in the house opposite. Passport of the cult musician was discovered in a refrigerator a few years after the death of Choi in 1990-m to year.

The starting price of the notebook will amount to 500 thousand rubles, manuscripts — 250 thousand.