Olivier with lagostina. How live Russian women in Vietnam

Olivier with lagostina. How live Russian women in Vietnam

The unique history of Russian women left their husbands in Vietnam and became “their”.


56-year-old Valentina Nguyen (nee — Nikiforova) famously travels to the city of Ho Chi Minh city on a moped: it gives the opportunity to avoid the monstrous “traffic jams”. “Imagine yourself in native Barnaul, — she laughs. — I already the grandmother of two granddaughters I have. For the biker, rushing with breakneck speed. Roommate would have crossed, probably.”

In Ho Chi Minh city Valentine moved 33 years ago, in 1985, marrying a Vietnamese student, whom he met in Moscow.

“At first it was difficult, she recalls. — All deficit, you can’t buy anything. Moreover, the Soviet deficit is nonsense, here in Vietnam was guard: they are also under the sanctions were in America. Under more severe than Russia is now. Every time relatives visited in the Soviet Union, drove home pots, kettles, electric irons. But with the food but everything was fine, then sit down to eat — it’s a cult. Now even sell new apartments without kitchens, the people lunch and dinner in small restaurants, delicious and cheap.

The first time without our products was produced. The cooked sausage is not, and how without her Olivier for the New year do? Learned to cook with lagostino, frog because tastier chicken, tender and juicy, their carcasses anywhere.

However, once the holidays sister from Barnaul invited, she a salad like this is not: spit out, shouted. And somehow got through the Consulate of the Soviet herring, so her husband took her and fried: so I was psyched! Say to him: “Who salted the fish, then fry?!” And he said, “because it is raw””.

As recognized Valentine, in Vietnam she likes: is that any city is easy to reach the sea all year round there are fresh fruit for pennies.

Snow lost. Year ago arrived in Moscow, you have minus two just froze as tsutsik. And I’m a Siberian cold of minus thirty for us — even the norm. There is everywhere except Hanoi, year-round heat.Valentina Nguyen”Cobra brought a sacrifice”

42-the summer Muscovite Svetlana lives in Hanoi for 18 years: with her future husband they found each other at the economic forum in St. Petersburg. “Traditions surprise me, — she explains. — A socialist country formally, but many people believe in spirits and gods, go to Church, the main request in prayers to supernatural forces sent a lot of money. To Russian attitude is good, although the first son was teased in kindergarten because errors in Vietnamese. I worked, sat with the child. Here it is believed that the man has a family to provide for. My husband “worked” day and night. The drunk never saw him, a couple of bottles of beer in celebration.

Such as in Russia it happens that the husband was on the couch lying, and his wife have three jobs and have been trying like crazy to feed the children, in Vietnam can not be.

The local people are very hardworking and always do everything for the family. Although anything can happen, of course. Here is my friend got divorced, went back to Norilsk. Her husband was beaten, and his relatives and not to the sorcerer walked, Cobra brought a sacrifice to the lime. But this is an exception.

Our women appreciate the Vietnamese, there is considered a big success for Russian to get married.

Especially that Vietnamese girls tend mostly to pop up over a foreigner for a German, a Swede. Or for Koreans. Even the Chinese are willing to marry. Although the Chinese in Vietnam has, historically, not love. Visit me to go for some time do not like, do not know what will run: one time the home grilled dog served. Them in the oven to bake as we have chicken, this delicacy is considered to be. And, of course, the climate here is brutal. Things quickly come into disrepair, the humidity is high will be released 10 minutes on the street, once sweaty, the washing machine is your best friend.

“”Accept” to join the party”

Even in our time, marriages between citizens of Russia and citizens of Vietnam are quite popular in 2010, in Moscow, they came in third place after the wedding in Moscow with the people of Germany and Israel. Our girls, recently moved to Vietnam to live a simpler “old-timers”. There is a socialism with “Chinese characteristics”: everything that is private (even teaching children in schools and medicine), it is possible to engage in any business, but it is the only party in the country — the Communist.