How John McCain became one of the most influential members of the Republican party

How John McCain became one of the most influential members of the Republican party

Senator John McCain has stopped treatment for brain cancer because of the irreversibility of the disease. A year ago, he announced that he was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. The Senator began to treat glioblastoma in July 2017, and in December went to his ranch in Arizona.


Read more about how McCain is way passed from the pilot to the Senator, journalist Michael Komarovskogo.

I was flying over Hanoi, he dropped on his bombs. My plane was hit and he rushed down. I broke both arms and a leg, ejected and landed by parachute in the lake. There I was picked up by the Vietnamese.John Macansantos from Arizona

John McCain called a real fighter. The struggle began in 1967. Then young pilot fighting US air force during the Vietnam war, was shot down by a missile of the enemy. 31-year-old soldier received injuries incompatible with life, and was taken prisoner. He was held in prison for 5 years, returned home after the conflict and continued his service in the army.

Here he is, exhausted McCain on crutches, meets with the head of the White house, President Nixon. A long and painful rehabilitation, and John’s back. But the road to the rank of Admiral for him now closed: health does not allow. Then McCain becomes the marine liaison officer at the us Senate. This position became for it the real entrance to the world of politics.

In 1982, he goes to the House of representatives of the U.S. Congress from the Republican party, after 2 years, easily re-elected. A novice in politics not afraid to criticize colleagues. For example, opposed the stay of the Marines in Lebanon, and turns out to be right: soon in Beirut blew up American barracks.

In 1986, McCain became a Senator from Arizona. In the elections it is supported by 60% of voters. People believe McCain: in 1992, 1998, 2004, 2010 and 2016 with an even higher percentage of support he is re-elected to the Senate.

I understand that the people of Arizona who know me for many years, will judge me based on my merit and my ability to serve them in the future.John Macansantos from Arizona

Attempts by John McCain to take the presidency was not a success. In 2004, he lost the primaries to George W. Bush, in 2008 he lost the seat in the oval office to Barack Obama. Staying in the Senate, in 2015, the politician headed the armed services Committee.

John McCain has become widely known outside of the US due to its anti-Kremlin positions. To criticize Vladimir Putin he began long before it became mainstream in the West. McCain accused Russian President in the desire to create a “tsarist Empire”.

When I looked into his eyes, I clearly saw three letters: K G B. He is an old KGB agent, surrounded by the same by the KGB. He is not going to restore the power and prestige of the Soviet Union. He is going to restore the Russian Empire.John Macansantos from Arizona

John McCain advocated the accession of post-Soviet countries to NATO, particularly to Ukraine and Georgia, called on President trump to deliver Kiev lethal weapons. The defense budget of the United States for the year 2019, which pledged 250 million dollars of military assistance to Ukraine, officially given the name of John McCain. Tellingly, during the signing of the document, the US President did not name the distinguished name, it seems, all across America, Senator.

Well, my relationship with Donald trump McCain did not happen. Especially after the summit in Helsinki. The legislator in the nines criticized the White House for being too soft in negotiations with Putin. But even before trump has publicly questioned McCain’s military heroism.

He is not a war hero! He became a hero only because he was captured. I like those who was not in captivity!Donald Trepresent USA

The famous hawk on Capitol hill call the President trump, even to his own funeral. The script and the guest list for the ceremony, the Senator made up in advance. A year ago, McCain was diagnosed with brain cancer. Despite the deadly disease, he continued to work in the Senate.

I feel great! Three weeks will undergo spot radiation therapy. Let’s see how it will work. This is a difficult challenge for me, but I have confidence in myself, eat healthy food, do exercise, remain active, to continue its work.John Macansantos from Arizona

But cancer is relentless. According to relatives of John McCain, the decision to stop treatment policies adopted independently, as noted in the official statement of the family, with the usual John will power.