Found the strangest micro

Found the strangest micro

Platform in the North sea and declared themselves a separate country.


The country of Sealand in the North sea do not learn in geography, it does not take tourists. Nevertheless, it exists, although not recognized at the diplomatic level.

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Sealand is one of the most bizarre microstates of the world. It’s not even an island, but a platform on the water, built by Britain during the Second world war with a defensive purpose. The thing is built it outside British territorial waters. This gave the Foundation of the enterprising British Roy Bates and Ronan O’reilly to declare this piece of “sushi” as an independent state in 1967.

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Later road Bates and O’reilly went. The first was the absolute ruler of the “Principality”, proclaiming himself Prince and his wife Princess Joan of Sealand. Later, the throne was inherited by their son Michael.

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Disputes about the status of the platform lasted a long time. There was even attempt armed seizure. However, bloodshed was avoided — the case was sent to court.

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Nowadays Sealand as an independent country not recognized by any country in the world. However, it meets the minimum criteria of statehood. Sealand has a national government, a Constitution, its own flag, emblem and anthem, issues a passport, prints its own banknotes and postage stamps. Passport self-proclaimed state have about 300 people.

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