Driving license will be mobile

Driving license will be mobile

Is the identity of the inspector will show the smartphone.


In the leadership of the traffic police do not exclude the introduction in Russia of the electronic driver’s license, STS, and insurance, which will be “sewn” into a mobile app in smartphone. The Agency while talking about the scenario of such developments and the timing of introducing new items is not called. Meanwhile, the planned police reform of driver training is taking concrete shape: the traffic police yesterday responded to the criticism in connection with the introduction of the unified exam on the right instead of the usual “platform” and “city”. Hostility took the initiative of driving schools misunderstood its essence, according to police.

Yesterday, the traffic police explained the situation of conflict associated with the reform of driver training. Office, recall, proposed to introduce a combined test (instead of “city” and “the site”) to test driving skills of applicants to law “in the complex”. The relevant draft government resolution published on regulation.gov.ru that provoked criticism of a number of Russian schools, as “Kommersant” reported on 22 August. According to critics, the innovations carry the risk of accidents, corruption and “total cancellation of exam results”.

In traffic police say that driving schools are sounding the alarm in vain: they misunderstood the idea of the document.

The responsibility to teach future drivers to “pad” was not canceled — it is inherent in the educational programs of the Ministry of education, say in the traffic police. The new exam will be held along the route, which will develop the local division of the state traffic Inspectorate. It can begin right on the training ground of driving school, where the examiner will check the basic skills (pulling away on a hill, parallel Parking), then the subject is allowed to leave the street. Thus, the inspector may land the candidate in the drivers of the car before he get in terms of urban traffic, according to traffic police.

“The innovations which we are concerned, is incorporated in the draft resolution. The document does not imply all of what they say in the traffic police — says the President of the Interregional Association of driving schools Tatiana Shutyleva.— There’s no word about the fact that the new unified exam may begin with exercises on the covered area or the racetrack. If any option is planned to lay, it is necessary to describe the document”.

According to Tatyana Shutyleva open also remains the problem of the subjective assessment of the examiner, who will test the skills of drivers on the “on-site” exercise.

“No markings, no cones in the city will not be an assessment of skills completely at the mercy of the examiner of police,” she said. As to the continued duty of driving schools to educate students on the Playground, then, according to Tatyana Shutyleva, in reality, doing a few will, control the execution of programs is extremely difficult.

According to “Kommersant”, in total, the traffic police received about 800 different applications from different organizations, some of them the idea of reform support. After processing the draft resolution will be amended. Clarifying details will appear in the new administrative regulations on reception of examinations (it is approved by order of the Ministry of interior), which is currently being prepared.

Meanwhile, drivers will face much more revolutionary innovations. We will remind, some days ago, the interior Ministry announced plans to introduce the rights and STS with microchips and enhanced protection (Kommersant reported this on August 23).

The road has begun to explore the possibility of introducing technology that will allow motorists to opt out of the use of traditional plastic documents. “Many people now pay for purchases by telephone — said the first Deputy chief of traffic police of Russia Vladimir Shvetsov.— We want to give opportunity to consumer to desire could “lay” in the phone of a driver’s license, STS and insurance (installing a special app.— “Kommersant”)”.

According to him, many inspectors today are already equipped with tablets. “The driver will be able to come, put your phone to the reader, the inspector, the device will appear the necessary information,” he says. “It may be infringement, and information about the accident: time of registration in this case is reduced to five minutes, — said Vladimir Shvetsov.— In many countries this route is already going.”