Astronomers have discovered why some black holes “dancing”

Astronomers have discovered why some black holes “dancing”

MOSCOW, 24 Aug — RIA Novosti. A long observation of the “spit” of a black hole in the center of the galaxy M87 has helped astronomers figure out why it periodically “dancing”, moving from one place to another. Their findings have been presented in the journal MNRAS.

Upthe mysteries of the darkness

Giant elliptical galaxy M87 located in the Virgo constellation and removed from us at a distance of 54 million years. Supermassive black hole at its center with a mass of 6.6 billion solar masses, until recently, was considered the most severe of its kind, until its record was not broken “heavyweights” in the galaxies NGC 3842 and NGC 4889 with masses between 9.7 and 27 billion solar masses.

A year ago, astrophysicists have begun to observe the jet, a narrow beam of matter, which spits out a black hole at the center of M87.

They found that this stream of matter “danced” his base is constantly swayed to the side, and the flows of matter has been given a boost.

The offset of the base of the jet has caused a lot of controversy among scientists about how it could happen. For example, many scholars suggest that the “spit” can bend and move apart under the action of magnetic fields that emerge from inside milled of matter surrounding a black hole.

It is not excluded that moved not “spit”, but she is a black hole that violates all possible representations about their attitude and performance. Despite the fantastic nature of this theory, certain grounds for such an idea is still there — in the recent past M87 collided with another galaxy that could make her a black hole to form a couple with a new “neighbor” or even to merge with it.

Lopez-Navas and her colleagues tested which of these theories is correct, uniting and analyzing images of the Central part of M87, which Hubble, VLT and many other major ground-based and orbiting telescopes of the world received in the last two decades.