China called the last round of trade negotiations with the United States constructive

China called the last round of trade negotiations with the United States constructive

Moscow. August 24. INTERFAX.RU — China is considered valid in the US round of negotiations on trade disagreements between the two countries in a Frank and useful, said the Ministry of Commerce of China on Friday. The report said that “the delegations of the two countries held constructive and candid talks on bilateral trade of mutual interest.”


The talks were held on August 22 and 23 in Washington on the initiative of the American side.

At the same time, as reported on Thursday in the United States came into force the import duties on goods from China worth $16 billion, as previously planned, warned Washington. Beijing announced a similar step in respect of imported American goods. The Ministry of Commerce of China issued a statement in which he emphasized that “in this regard, China maintains a strong protest and forced to continue to take retaliatory steps.”

At the same time of Commerce announced that it has filed a lawsuit in the WTO.

In July, the US and China on a reciprocal basis, imposed an additional import duty of goods worth $34 billion. the American President Donald trump has threatened that may impose additional tariffs on Chinese goods by $200 billion.

The Chinese side has repeatedly warned Washington that is strongly opposed to the trade war, offering to solve problems through dialogue and consultation. At the same time, Beijing stated that it would mirror to answer all the protectionist measures taken by the U.S., as prejudicial to Chinese interests, and the interests of the development of world trade, and damage the United States itself.