“B” called the cause of the fire in the “Winter cherry”

“B” called the cause of the fire in the “Winter cherry”

MOSCOW, 24 Aug — RIA Novosti. A fire in a shopping and entertainment complex “Winter cherry” in Kemerovo started with the led lamp, which is filled with melt water from the roof. Protective automatic, which was to disconnect the appliance was faulty, writes “Kommersant” with reference to the results of examination of electrical equipment.


The result, according to the publication, examined several dozen sacks of charred ceiling, fragments of wires, cables, transformers. As provided by the analysis of samples affected, the exact answer to the question that has damaged the wire electric arc or flame of fire is impossible. But indirect evidence pointed to the place, which was originally considered to be a fire — baby “dry” pool, writes “Kommersant”.

According to “Kommersant”, most of the electrical wires were too low cross section in comparison with the calculated by 10-20%, but they were blamed on the marriage. Thus, according to the experts, “installation and connection are carried out not by design, but random”.Tragedy in Kemerovo

Fire in four-storey shopping centre, “Winter cherry” has occurred on March 25. Killed 60 people, most of them children.

Basically failed to get those who were at the cinemas. The number of victims of this fire, one of the largest in Russia over a hundred years.

The investigation found that the shopping center was not working automatic fire alarm, and security guard did not include compulsory notification system emergency.

Defendants in the case were 11 people, including owners and managers of the building, the guard, and is also responsible for the introduction of the shopping center into operation, the fire alarm and direct the fire suppression at the scene.

The building of the shopping center was demolished, the grounds put in order and prepared for the construction of a large memorial Park in memory of the victims of the fire.