In Britain, the workers staged a “war of stickers” (photo)

In Britain, the workers staged a “war of stickers” (photo)

A Twitter user under the name Optimistic Pessimist has posted a photo, which shows an unusual paper art: pixel pictures of colorful stickers on the Windows of the offices.


Okay so my dad’s office and the office across the way are having a post-it note war ?

— Optimistic Pessimist (@CupanTaeIsBae) August 16, 2018

As the girl explained that her father often spends time in one of the London offices. For fun, the staff decided to do something funny, and pasted on the window stickers of characters from old computer games. This idea was very successful, and very soon, the window of the building opposite appeared the same creative paper response.

It is unknown how long this contest lasts for stickers, but the photo shows pretty much the “window” of characters, as well as encouraging labels. By the way, in comments to the post “come” and the employees of these creative offices and left images directly from the event.

Tell your Dad it’s been an honour.

— greggless (@greggless1) August 21, 2018

The view from our side – I like what we think Ziggy Stardust is in the bottom right ??

— Robin Winslow (@nottrobin) August 21, 2018

Hey, it’s London. I’m in “the office over the way”. I don’t know the OP or her dad so I can’t validate anything else.

— @[email protected] (@karlwilliams) August 21, 2018

The latest addition!

— RAPP UK (@RAPP_UK) August 21, 2018

— 24 AUGUST (@Txmmxlicixus) August 18, 2018