Christ saved a couple of Novorossiysk, which is five days drifting at sea

Christ saved a couple of Novorossiysk, which is five days drifting at sea

Captain named Christ rescued two residents of Novorossiysk, which five days spent in a rubber boat in the sea.


Young people August 8, in a rubber boat went fishing near the village Myskhako. They took two oars, tackle box, four fishing rods, a packet of seeds, a flashlight, a pair of shorts and some jewelry.

When a storm picked up, their boat was carried away from the shore to the open sea. According to the woman, the night they tried to Shine a flashlight and waving clothes to attract attention.

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“A few days the boat was thrown from Novorossiysk to Gelendzhik, then Utrish and Taman, but not one passing vessel did not pay attention”, — quotes the victim “Our newspaper”.

During a storm the boat overturned not once, that all things fell into the water. The woman reported that the dolphins swam around, but to tie them was not possible.

On the third day the travelers have hallucinations — they hear voices outside. Due to the direct sunlight they received severe burns, the woman had a swollen leg.

On the fifth day they were saved by the crew of the tanker under the Greek flag “Kriti Rock”.

The ship’s captain by the name Christos constantinides has provided first aid. He helped the man and the woman to contact relatives that they were looking for.

The captain told the woman that prays every day before lunch. In his cabin hang two icons of the mother of God and Christ. However, in the day when the captain found the victims, he did not go to pray, and went on deck. The sailors cried to him, I see people who need help.

The couple spent on the tanker for three days after that they were taken ashore.