A consequence opened a criminal case after an emergency landing in Ufa

A consequence opened a criminal case after an emergency landing in Ufa

MOSCOW, 22 Aug — RIA Novosti. The case was initiated after the emergency landing of Tu-204 airline Red Wings in Ufa, returned to the airport due to the engine fire, according to the channel of the RF IC on Twitter.


The plane Tu-204 of airline “Red wings”, carrying out flight 808 Ufa — Sochi, Wednesday at 5.06 am local time (3.06 GMT) made an emergency landing at the airport “Ufa” fire left engine shortly after takeoff. Passengers were evacuated using inflatable chutes after seven minutes after landing of aircraft. There were no injuries. Passengers posted in the airport, with them psychologists work. To fly to Sochi passengers were told on the backup Board of the company “Red wings” Tu-214 in 10.55 (8.55 GMT).

Fun burning turbofan Perm PS-90A, passengers talking to who flies where. Nothing special, just the Tu-204 is returned to Ufa, where was not able to fly to Moscow.
Video: https://t.co/gcE2DDm8MQ pic.twitter.com/KgmpojOrw6

— Rustem Adagamov (@adagamov) 22 Aug 2018

“In fact, the aviation incident with the fire of one of the engines of passenger aircraft TU-204 Red Wings airlines, carrying out flight “Moscow-Sochi”, a criminal case on violation of safety rules of movement and operation of air transport”, — stated in the message.

In the basic version of the investigation, “the cause of the incident was a technical failure of the aircraft”.