The West “borrowed” Russian meme about Elon musk

The West “borrowed” Russian meme about Elon musk

There is also now unanimously appeal to the American businessman.


English-speaking users of social networks six months later I notice a Russian meme “How do you like that, Elon Musk?” and created its local version.

“And how do you like this, Elon Musk?” they ask, placing photos and videos of their household inventions and life hacks.

And how do you like this, Elon Musk?

— deku-deku (@top_tubs_) 21 August 2018 R.

Newsof the Man who brought us the dream of space

To appeal to Elon musk users of Runet began in the fall of 2017. In one of the social networks shared a news that scientists from Novosibirsk have learned to smoke the herring in the Collider. The author of the post asked the question: “How will you respond to it, Elon Musk?!” Meme began to gain momentum, increasingly appearing in the signature to pictures ridiculous or comic inventions. The trend reached its climax in February of 2018, when the company Mask Space X launched a rocket into space-the Falcon Heavy.

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How do you like this elon musk

— ° (@marxistIoonaist) 21 August 2018 R.

In August, the meme drew the attention of the wearer of Twitter from Boston and nick Courtney. English translation of the phrase was immediately adopted by other social media users.

apparently russia has this meme where they @ elon musk in pictures of super bootleggy lifehacky stupid “inventions” captioned “and how do you like this, elon musk?” so as it turns out, no one is better at memes than the russians

— Courtney (@andromedamn) 21 August 2018 R.

“In Russia there is a meme where users report Elon musk pictured with superglue inventions, and then ask “How about this, Elon Musk”. Apparently no one writes memes are better than Russian”

This is amazing. Who knew Russians were meme masters???? (Well, actually, I guess the Russians knew .. ) All the bonus points for making fun of Elon Musk.

— Trix Middlekauff (@tastytrix) 21 August 2018 R.

“It’s incredible. Who knew the Russians were such masters of the memes? (Well, probably the Russians knew). Another reason to laugh at Elon Musk”

what do you think @elonmusk

— keep trying (@treeecitybeats) 22 August 2018 R.

“Well, what would you say Elon Musk?”

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