Finnish military forcibly feed the vegetarian food

Finnish military forcibly feed the vegetarian food

In the army of Finland introduced compulsory vegetarian Lunches and dinners. This was announced by the major eya of Pulkki of the catering service of the defence force, reports Yle.


According to her, the program will be launched in the autumn of 2018. She enters in the army vegetarian day, but actually the meals will spread over time. So twice a week for lunch or dinner Valet will be offered only vegetarian food.

As noted, the list of dishes at the same time exclude the fish, but allow eggs and dairy products. Among other things, the offer will be potatoes, pasta, soy products and Quorn (mushroom protein).

Pulkki noted that the changes should not desire to save money. The main reason is a healthy diet, and the impact of meat production on climate change.

Now for the military-vegetarians in Finland there is a separate menu there is also an option for vegans. In General, when applying for service, they reported on their diets and get adequate nutrition. According to a survey of 20 thousand employees, only 88 are vegetarians, and their number is three times lower in the North than in the South.

In Norway vegetarian day in the army, appeared in 2013. Then the reason was also called climate change.