Cosmologists found the first traces of black holes from “other Universes”

Cosmologists found the first traces of black holes from “other Universes”

MOSCOW, 22 Aug — RIA Novosti. The microwave “echo” of the Big Bang contains traces of the existence of black holes, who lived in the progenitor of our Universe, deceased before the start of the Big Bang. Write about mathematicians and cosmologists, who published an article in the electronic library


“Microwave background radiation of the Universe must contain traces of black holes that lived in the Universe before the Big Bang. We’re not talking about the singularity or some real object, but the Hawking radiation that produced these holes for all time of their existence,” said Roger Penrose (Roger Penrose), a famous British mathematician and cosmologist, whose words reports Live Science.

Death of the universe

Penrose and his colleagues have tried to find a way to answer the age-old cosmological question — what is the universe in the first moments after the Big Bang and how it looked like before the cataclysm, begat our universe.

NewsEvent or a supernatural power? Who created the Universe

Today, as explained by cosmologists, there are two approaches to this problem. The majority of cosmologists believes that the universe began from a singularity, a dimensionless point, began to expand rapidly in the first moments after the Big Bang.

Another group of astrophysicists, including Penrose and his associates, believes that the birth of our Universe was preceded by the death of her “ancestress”. It probably happened during the so-called “Large Gap” generated by the dark energy, or after the onset of complete stasis, “the heat death” of the universe.