A former lawyer, trump made a deal with prosecutors

A former lawyer, trump made a deal with prosecutors

Michael Cohen, a former lawyer, U.S. President Donald trump, made a deal with the Federal Prosecutor’s office in new York in the case of violations in financing the election campaign, Bank fraud and tax evasion. On 21 August Reuters reported, citing several informed sources.


Officially, neither the priest nor the Prosecutor’s office has not yet confirmed the fact of the transaction. Lawyer Cohen lenny Davis declined to comment for this reason. .

However, a number of media outlets, including ABC, NBC, CNN and Bi-bi-si, reported on the agreement between the ex-trump’s lawyer and the prosecution.

The investigation against Cohen leads Manhattan attorney Jeffery Berman. In April, Federal agents seized from the office, hotel rooms and Cohen’s documents and digital files. This information, according to sources, became the basis for the investigation against the attorney. .

The New York Times on August 19 reported that, according to Federal investigators, Michael Cohen took more than $ 20 million in two new York banks under the bail license for taxi transportation. In addition to fiddling with the credits, Cohen is suspected of trying to hide from the tax part of the profits belonging to his family a taxi license. According to two sources, New York Times, the prosecutors can bring Cohen charges on loans until the end of August.

Yet Cohen is suspected of violations during the campaign. Speech, in particular, on the payment of $130 thousand the porn star Stormy Daniels, who on the eve of elections in 2016 was going to say that she had an intimate relationship with trump. .