A former lawyer, trump confessed to the crime on his orders

A former lawyer, trump confessed to the crime on his orders

A former lawyer for the American leader Donald trump Michael Cohen has admitted in court that the President personally instructed him to commit the crime. About that his counsel lanny Davis wrote on his Twitter page.


“Today he stood up and under oath said that Donald trump has instructed him to commit the crime, paying two women to influence the election. If those payments were a crime on the part of Michael Cohen, why they will not be crimes for Donald trump?” — the lawyer noted.

According to the Associated Press, the 51-year-old Cohen also pleaded guilty to eight charges, including tax evasion. At the same time the names of women who were paid, he did not name, saying that he worked with “unnamed candidate” and “pursued a primary purpose to influence elections.” However, the Agency notes that the dates and amounts of the materials of the court coincide with the stories of former porn actress Stephanie Clifford and former centerfolds of Playboy magazine Karen MacDougal.

After the trial, Cohen was released on bail in 500 thousand dollars. He faces up to five years in prison. Cohen went for a plea bargain, admitting guilt in exchange for possible leniency.