Valery Meladze explained why his Georgian citizenship

Valery Meladze explained why his Georgian citizenship

MOSCOW, 21 Aug — RIA Novosti. Singer Valery Meladze confirmed that has applied for Georgian citizenship.


“I don’t hide this fact. However, this does not mean that I refuse the Russian citizenship. My actions do not contradict the legislation of Russia and Georgia”, — explained the artist radio station “Moscow Says”.

Earlier, several media outlets reported that born in Batumi Meladze took advantage of the new amendments to the legislation of Georgia, which allows natives of the country again to obtain citizenship, and appealed on this issue to the Ministry of justice.

The singer explained that he was born and raised in Georgia at a time when these countries did not exist borders. But then the border appeared and the singer wants to erase them, at least for himself. He also expressed confidence that the obtaining of another citizenship “does not cause anyone moral damage.”

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