The diver took a ride on a whale shark and was arrested

The diver took a ride on a whale shark and was arrested

The law forbids to touch the rare sea creatures.


The scuba diving was arrested in Indonesia after he photographed riding on a whale shark.

Scuba diver waves as he rides back of whale shark – but is arrested for being ‘stupid’ on shore

— Siglov Freudivan (@DerangedRadio) 20 Aug 2018

A group of divers dived in the Gulf of Cendrawasih when I saw the representative of the largest species of sharks. Three scuba divers clung to her, one of them climbed up the animal on the back.

After they posted photos on social networks, outraged environmentalists complained to the authorities.

The whale shark is endangered. The law prohibits divers from touching marine creatures.

Diver, photographed riding a shark, was a local businessman.

The whale shark is a rare species whose numbers in the last decade is steadily declining. For a long time it was extracted and used in food in countries in South and South-East Asia. Now the fishing of whale shark is prohibited. However, poachers remain the main threat.

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