President of Turkmenistan got stuck in the sand

President of Turkmenistan got stuck in the sand

President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov held a training session in the desert in preparation for the rally “Amul-the Khazars”. Video test drive published “Chronicles of Turkmenistan”.

The state news Agency TDH has indicated that training was held in one of the corners of the Karakum desert. Rally car, which section was cut through the wilderness, was designed and assembled by the same President. “Now the sport car fully meets the international requirements for racing cars,” according to TDH.

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During the race the car got stuck in the sand, however, the leader of Turkmenistan “showed miracles of ingenuity” by removing the sand in front of the wheels of the car and placing them under the dry branches of desert vegetation. This allowed him to continue the race.

Newsthe President of Turkmenistan delivered a rap of his own composition along with a grandson

International rally “Amul-the Khazars 2018” to be held in Turkmenistan from 9 to 14 September.

In June, the President of Turkmenistan has gathered racing car based on their own drawings, and a month earlier took part in the race on the rally car and won the race at a professional racing driver, that was another victory Berdimuhamedov in motor racing — in August 2015, he won the competition “Alfa Romeo 2015”.

In 2013, the President participated in horse racing. Opportunity managed to win, however, immediately after the finish of the leader of Turkmenistan fell from horse.