Marilyn Manson collapsed on speech in Texas

Marilyn Manson collapsed on speech in Texas

American rock singer Marilyn Manson fainted at the concert during the performance of the cover version of the hit British band Eurythmics “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)”. The incident was reported to the portal NME.


Incident has occurred in the performance of the artist on August 18 in Houston Texas. The singer felt unwell and tried to rely on the stage monitor, but lost consciousness. The actor has not yet commented on the incident, however, the portal notes that Manson shortly before the fall told the audience about the transferred heat stroke.

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The singer had to perform a cover of the Beatles song “Helter Skelter” together with the rock musician Rob Zombie, but because of the incident his colleague had to imagine the dark version bitlovskiy composition alone.

“My dear friend, Mr. Manson, feels bad because of the weather. He’s probably on the bus now and he is wrong. I need a partner for the next song so let’s sing it really loud so he felt better,” said Rob Zombie, referring to the fans.

This is not the first incident that happened with Manson in the song “Sweet Dreams”. So, in September 2017 at a concert in new York, the singer was struck by a decoration in the form of two guns when he tried to climb on it.