Higher the age more benefits

Higher the age more benefits

The leadership of “United Russia” discussed the pension reform.

The retirement age can be increased, but the benefits that rely pensioners now need to give the Russians still: women 55 years, men 60 years. The citizens of pre-retirement age shall be entitled to additional leave. So says the General Council of “United Russia”, which summarized the proposals of the regional offices “to improve the pension system”.

The General Council of “United Russia” held a joint meeting with the Council of leaders of factions of the party in regional parliaments, to summarize proposals to improve the pension system. Suggestions from the field took a party of power in connection with the government’s plans to raise the age of retirement for women from 55 years to 63 years for men from 60 years to 65 years. The bill has already been approved by the state Duma in the first reading by the votes of United Russia. Therefore, the party leadership no dilemma: to raise or not to raise the retirement age (against the increase was made by the three parties of the parliamentary opposition). Save old age only indigenous sparsely-populated peoples of the North, said Deputy Secretary of the Tyumen branch of party Nikolay Tokarchuk.