Hands and smartphones did not fit in the pockets of women’s jeans

Hands and smartphones did not fit in the pockets of women’s jeans

Pockets of women’s jeans, 48 percent less and 6.5 percent already men, journalists found out the Pudding.

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With the aim to demonstrate the unsuitability of this attribute of women’s clothing they measured and compared the pockets 80 pairs a popular pairs of jeans, and also checked that may fit. For example, it was found that only 10 percent of the female models can hold a woman’s hand, but the smartphone X iPhone fits in your pockets only 40 percent of pairs of jeans.

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Money and small things for a long time, carried in special bags and pouches that was attached to the belt. The first pockets appeared only in the XVII century, but only as an attribute of men’s clothing. For a long time pockets was considered odd piece of women’s clothes (like dresses and, later, trousers), women did not have, for example, to wear a watch that had a special pocket. Later, in the XX century, when the pockets are fully integrated in women’s clothing, their efficiency began to be questioned, and the famous designer Christian Dior even said that “men pockets designed for storage, and female — for decoration”. The main place of storage for women was purse.

Now, in the XXI century, the problem of pockets is more than ever: smartphones with large screens should always be at hand, so store them easier in the pocket.

However, users often pay attention to the fact that women’s clothing is often much more impractical and small pockets, and sometimes lack of them or fake, sewn pockets.

First of all it concerns jeans — one of the main items of the everyday wardrobe of today. In order to assess the problem clearly, journalists compared to 80 pairs of men’s and women’s blue jeans of different styles submitted to the 20 most popular American manufacturers of denim clothing.

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It turned out that the front pockets of women’s jeans, on average, 8.9 inch shorter and one inch is already male. Journalists checked what everyday objects can fit in women’s and men’s pockets.

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It turned out, for example, that the latest model of iPhone (iPhone X) is placed into the pockets 40 percent of pairs of women’s jeans, and Google Pixel only five. While both smartphones fit in all the front pockets are considered jeans.

The material of the Pudding you can also compare the size of pockets of different manufacturers and models of jeans and try to fit other objects: for example, hand or wallet. Interestingly, less practical and used the back pockets were about the same size in male and female models jeans.