Became known winners of the MTV Video Music Awards

Became known winners of the MTV Video Music Awards

In the United States hosted the prestigious MTV Video Music Awards — 2018, is celebrated annually the most significant works in the field of music and chipmaking. The main winners of the ceremony this time were rappers KARDi B. and Childish Gambino, took three statues of the man in the moon.


Last night in new York at the concert hall of Radio City Music Hall hosted the 35th awards ceremony of MTV Video Music Awards, one of the brightest events of the year in music and lipopolysaccha.

The highest number of nominations at this time received a hip-hop performer KARDi Bi — 25-year-old native of the Bronx claimed just ten awards including the most prestigious (“artist of the year” and “Video of the year”). By the way, that KARDi (real name — Alkalis Almanzar) was entrusted to open VMA-2018, it is with great joy that I did.

However, despite the status of the favourite of the evening, to win absolute victory by the number of figurines the singer could not: winning in the categories “Best new artist”, “Best collaboration” (joint with Jennifer Lopez and DJ Khaled track “Dinero”) and “Song of summer” (the song “I Like It”, recorded with the participation of bad Bunny and Jay Balvin), the artist broke the world with actor, musician and just a very talented guy Childism Gambino.

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And of course, that all of its three awards (“Best video with implication for the society”, “Best Director” and “Best choreography”) 34-year-old rapper Donald Glover, known including and new parts of the epic “Star wars” has received for a single work, literally “blow up” the world’s media a few months ago. It is social video for the song “This is America”, an incredibly bold and provocative work about the most burning problems of the United States, according to the opinion of Glover.

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Triumph, curiously, did not prevent even the recent scandal with accusations of a musician in plagiarism (and it is about “This is America”), from which Donald had to fight back, but not without some image effects. Particularly disappointing here should be the rapper Drake: in any other year of his “God’s Plan” clip in which the musician donates a considerable sum random Miami residents with high probability would have won, however, as it turned out, in the sleeve Glover was the most that neither is an ACE.

No less successful night for the Cuban American singer Camila Cabello, awarded with “only” two figurines, but no. It won in the major categories of the evening — “artist of the year” and “Video of the year” (for track “Havana” featuring Yung Taga).

Brightest turned out and the reaction of the performer: the receiving one of the awards from the hands of the, until recently, the record-holder of the prize of the Madonna, she with great difficulty kept surging emotions, much touched by the audience.

It is noteworthy that before the announcement of the winner of the 60-year-old star of American show business said a touching speech in memory of the legendary soul singer Aretha Franklin, who passed away last week at the age of 76 years.

In turn, song of the year was recognized as an absolute hit rapper Post Malone and 21 Savage “Rockstar”, more recently heard, it seems, from every machine including in Russia. Victoria honored the artists noted astounding collabo with Aerosmith.

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In the nomination “Breakthrough of the year” at the same time was not equal to the Japanese-American woman Hayley Kiyoko, a well-known actress and singer, who was recently taken coming out, while best pop video at MTV was the video for the song Ariana Grande “No Tears Left to Cry”.

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Special passion blazed around the nomination “the Best video in the genre hip-hop”, where the statue among the other claimed Nicki Minaj and Travis Scott.

The temperature was raised here most Minaj, shortly before the ceremony, spoke sharply in the last album the rapper — in her view, the plate member of the label Kanye West would close and went to the top of the charts, please don’t be the contractor all over the news because the birth of first child in his family (the child’s mother, if that is a blockbuster in USA model Kylie Jenner).

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At such input Nikki from the word “quite” it was impossible to give the statue to Scott, then — to her delight — and he did not won the nomination she Minaj, parallel staging a colourful performance on stage.

Best Latin video MTV recognized the song already mentioned Jay Balvin and Willie William’s “Mi Gente” and in the category “Best rock video” was the first band Imagine Dragons with the music video for “Whatever It Takes”.