The lover has put up 300 billboards asking him to forgive

The lover has put up 300 billboards asking him to forgive

The police conducted an investigation.

From the 300 billboards with the text “Chiudi, forgive me” appeared in the Indian city of Pimpri-Chinchwad.

A desperate soul from Pimple Saudagar in Pimpri Chinchwad has put up these hoardings seeking forgiveness. Shivde Will forgive him/her?

— Yogesh Sadhwani (@yogeshsadhwani) 17 Aug 2018

The legality of such a placement is almost immediately interested in the police. Law enforcement officers contacted the advertising companies to find out the name of the customer.

As it turned out, rented advertising spaces 25-year-old businessman Nilesh Khedekar. He quarreled with his girlfriend, and the couple broke up. To return to his beloved, Khedekar appealed to the advertising Agency.

“Shivde I am sorry”.
A level of craziness only in India. ?

— ?Shivrai?? (@_Man_with_Class) 18 Aug 2018

Images flooded into the city, shared social networks. “This madness can be seen only in India” — comment on a photo of some users.

Forgave a girl desperate groom, is unknown.

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