The escape of father and son from a burning forest, caught on video

The escape of father and son from a burning forest, caught on video

The movie was very scary.

Justin Bilton with his dad Charlie almost died in a terrible fire in glacier National Park in the United States. Shortly before that, the men rented a car and went on a journey.

Justin and Charlie have set up a tent in the Park, and the next day found out that we are practically in the midst of a huge forest fire, which began due to a lightning strike.

The only way to salvation was a road that was already partially on fire. But there was no way, and the father with the son at your own risk went into the unknown. His epic journey they were shot on a camera phone. And it’s frightening images.

During the download an error has occurred.

The video stopped when the middle of the road Justin and Charlie found a fallen tree and decided to move.

Fortunately, they managed to escape.

As told Bilton Junior reporters, burning the way they got to the lake, where he met employees of the national Park. Together with them, they escaped by boat, leaving the car on shore. According to Justin, about 10-15 minutes after they left, the car was engulfed by fire. Their salvation men call a miracle. And it’s hard to disagree.


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