Students are invited to Wake up in the morning

Students are invited to Wake up in the morning

New standard approved by Rosstandart, prescribes how to organize a student dormitory.

The administrations of the hostels propose to introduce to students the service “Wake up call”. This implies a new technical standard adopted by Rosstandart. The document also sets out the requirements for living conditions in the hostels: rooms must be designed on no more than four students and 10 employees must have at least one bathroom. Experts point out that some students Wake up call is needed.

Rosstandart approved the GOST “…the service Requirements of living in the dorms for the students”. The document, which read “news”, will come into force on 1 March 2019.

It sets the requirements for the accommodation and facilities provided in the hostels. For example, employees are encouraged to Wake students in the morning (at their request). Among the priority services also call an ambulance, providing first aid kits. Students are also encouraged to give irons, Hairdryers, Ironing boards, threads and needles.

In addition, the corridors and toilets of the hostels must be removed at least once a day, and change linen in rooms — once a week.

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The standard room can accommodate a maximum of four students and 10 employees must have a minimum of one toilet, shower and washbasin. It is recommended to make separate bathrooms for men and women. The floors should be water coolers.

Services to residential type on a married couple should have a room of 12 sq m, with a five-meter kitchen, hallway and bathroom.