In the “United Russia” proposed to maintain the benefits and social payments for people 55-60 years

In the “United Russia” proposed to maintain the benefits and social payments for people 55-60 years

MOSCOW, August 20. /TASS/. Deputy head of the faction “United Russia” in legislative Assembly of Stavropol region Valentina Muravyeva suggested to maintain all existing benefits and social benefits in the transition period to improve the pension system for people 55-60 years.

The initiative she announced on Monday at a joint meeting of the General Council and the Council of leaders of factions of the party, a discussion of bill about changes in the pension system.

“In our country there is a system of social benefits that people receive after retirement, our residents are really asking is that these benefits are preserved. And it is very important to not change the time [of benefits] with the change of the retirement age for a transitional period,” said Muravyov, who is also Chairman of the Committee on social policy and public health of the Stavropol region Duma.

She also drew attention to the theme of the benefits in the payment of utility bills.

“We know that subsidies are available to residents whose utilities exceed the total income by 22%, this is a very high percentage, and the most vulnerable segments of the population, including pensioners, do not fall”, — said the parliamentarian, asking that “this percentage were deputies of the state Duma revised”.

The state Duma on July 19 adopted in first reading the government draft law on changes in the pension system, involving, in particular, increasing the age of retirement for a long transition period to 65 years for men and 63 years for women. The large-scale discussion of the initiative continues, the proposals for revision of the draft law will be collected and recorded in the form of amendments to the second reading, which will take place in the fall. The deadline for submitting amendments is extended until September 24.

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