16 nurses from one hospital were pregnant at the same time

16 nurses from one hospital were pregnant at the same time

Perhaps something was in the water, they are joking.

16 nurses from the medical center to Banner Desert in the U.S. state of Arizona at almost the same time to become mothers.

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All they expect replenishment in the family from October to January.

“I don’t think we realized how many of us got pregnant, until we have created a group in Facebook,” says the nurse Rochelle Sherman.

Her pregnant colleague jolene Garrow joked: “This we have agreed to simultaneously withdraw the decree”.

“I don’t think we realised just how many of us were pregnant until we started a Facebook group”
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— Sky News (@SkyNews) August 19, 2018.

Jolene added that other colleagues to help expectant mothers at work when you need to care for patients with dangerous diseases such as tuberculosis, or when it comes to radiation and chemotherapy.

Women have begun to leave in a 12-week maternity leave. Management believes that the remaining staff will be able to withstand a double burden.

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