Zakharov praised the US decision not to Fund aid programs for Syria

Zakharov praised the US decision not to Fund aid programs for Syria

MOSCOW, 17 Aug — RIA Novosti. Official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said the decision of the us authorities to cut funding for assistance programs for Syria.

Earlier, the state Department said that the U.S. will redirect $ 230 million, which was planned to allocate for Syria, and for other purposes. The representative office Heather Nauert explained by the fact that the US managed to raise about $ 300 million for Syria from coalition partners.

Zakharova accused the American government’s reluctance to sponsor the restoration of peaceful life in the Syrian territory.

“That’s right: ISIS* is no longer there, implacable fighters left, “White helmets” is also evacuated. Who in Syria can be need the money? Well, not the peaceful life of the state Department sponsor”, — wrote the representative of the Russian foreign Ministry in Facebook.

Armed conflict in Syria continues from March 2011. Settlement is discussed at the sites of Astana and Geneva, and held on January 30 in Sochi Congress of the Syrian netdialog was the first since the conflict began attempting to collect on the same negotiating platform broad composition of participants.

*A terrorist organization banned in Russia.