Than crooked forest in Poland attracts hundreds of tourists (photo)

Than crooked forest in Poland attracts hundreds of tourists (photo)

His story still remains a mystery.

Near the town of Gryfino in the Pomerania region in Poland is an amazing place — the crooked forest. Pine grove area of 1.7 hectares was planted in 30-ies of the last century. In this area there are about 400 curved trees, the trunks of which at a height of 20-25 cm from the ground, make a sharp bend at an angle of about 90 degrees in a northerly direction, and then re-straightened, forming a beautiful arc.

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I wonder what the other trees around the curve of the forest grow perfectly normally. Because of this, theories about why these pine trees have such a fancy look, a great variety: from the plausible to the mystic.

The most likely cause of the curvature of the trees is called business.

Supposedly the seedlings are specially bent, and bent trunks in the manufacture of furniture.

Another version says that a local Forester bent young trees to the North, to lost in the woods people can determine the direction.

In addition to these logical assumptions, there are mystical. Lovers of the unknown believe that this place is geopathic zone or a portal to other worlds, and local legend has it that in these places once lived a witch who was protecting his forest from intruders. When here was raided by the loggers, the trees came to life and began to Dodge the axe, but it remained curved, when they fled in terror.