New optical illusion brought from the mind

New optical illusion brought from the mind

Netizens praised the new optical illusion created by a psychology Professor from Japan, Akiyoshi Kitaoka (Kitaoka Akiyoshi). The video is available on his Twitter page.

The frame is a piece of paper. It depicts a black gradient that changes color from dark to light. Kitaoka was also put on a small sheet of grey paper, and began to move it left and right from the center. The audience had the impression that the paper completely changes the tone depending on its location.

A demo of lightness perception

— Akiyoshi Kitaoka (@AkiyoshiKitaoka) August 12, 2018

“Demonstration of the perception of illumination,” wrote the psychologist. His post has gathered more than 20 thousand retweets and about 55 thousand likes. The trick Kitaoka has surprised many users who never found a logical explanation for optical illusions.

“What sorcery is this?” — surprised one of the commentators. “It blew my brain,” marveled another.

Later the Professor explained that a similar effect occurs as a result of how the brain interpreterpath color. The colors change depending on how they are perceived relative to the background: when a bright background object in the foreground looks darker and Vice versa.