The Russians may lose control over their personal data

The Russians may lose control over their personal data

Companies can obtain new rights for the treatment of personal data. Having received them, with the consent of a person, company without notice will be able to pass on processing to other companies, offers the draft amendments to the law “On personal data”. (Now the law prohibits this.) It selected the contractor can continue the chain to delegate the processing of data, also without notice to the person, and only with notice to the company of the customer.

The amendments were written by the representatives of business and SKOLKOVO Foundation (a center of expertise in the creation of norms for the digital economy) sent them to the next level in the direction of the working group on the legal regulation of the digital economy, said the representative of the “SKOLKOVO”. She will either approve the amendments or return to the “SKOLKOVO” for revision. “Vedomosti” has read the amendments, the authenticity was confirmed by the representative of the “SKOLKOVO”.

Responsible for the safety of personal data on the amendments will be the company which originally they were collected and received the consent of the person to processing. She will have to post a list of all of the companies who give the processing of data, or find other ways to inform the citizen who will have access to its data, and record these methods in the same contract with him where he agrees to the processing of data.

Person has the right to know where the company gave him data; to respond to the request the company has the right month. But to prohibit their transfer through the chain, he can not — only to withdraw the original consent.

Additionally, the company will be able to process the data for purposes deemed beneficial to themselves, not only in initially agreed upon with the person.

The development of the bill was the Association of experts of IT-companies, Telecom operators, banks, they are listed on the website of ANO “Digital economy”. Innovations would allow multidisciplinary business and startups to facilitate the obtaining of consent for personal data processing, to expand the range of services to you remotely and offer customers exactly what they are interested expects a participant in the discussion of the amendments.