Stuck in a tree the drone was shot down by a jet of water

Stuck in a tree the drone was shot down by a jet of water

Taxpayers are outraged.

London resident called firefighters to rescue the drone, which was stuck on top of a tree in Battersea Park.

A man was shot landscape, when his drone got tangled in the branches on a 9-meter height. The call came a team of ten people on two fire trucks.

Just who thinks this is a good use of TAX payer money ? via @MailOnline

— Steves Treasures (@scrumpy54) 16 Aug 2018

Eyewitnesses at first thought that the fire will rescue climbed a tree cat. But then the team put to use the hose.

The incident gathered a crowd of observers. Realizing what it is, many of them described the situation as a waste of resources and taxpayers ‘ money. Besides, in the Park aircraft, pointed criticism.

Four firefighters were on duty under the tree to catch a drone when it will fall. The fifth was aiming at the drone of a jet from a hose. In the end, the drone successfully returned to the owner.

Footage of multiple firefighters sent to retrieve a DRONE which got stranded at the top of a 30ft tree in Battersea Park. #Drone #Battersea

— Triangle News (@TriangleNewsUK) 16 Aug 2018

Rescuers said that had to remove the drone, because at any moment he could fall on the head of someone from passers-by.

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