Skateboard saved American student from a lightning strike

Skateboard saved American student from a lightning strike

He miraculously survived thanks to a lucky chance.

13-year-old Josiah Weidman from Arizona back home through the Park when the strong rain started. And just after a couple of seconds, the teenager was struck by lightning. This moment caught on a video camera.

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From powerful blow the boy was thrown into the air, and he woke up in the hospital. Josiah remembered that felt a strong explosion, then everything went black and he lost consciousness. He has been in a coma for three days.

The medical opinion at the time of lightning strike his heart stopped for a minute. In addition, the teenager had a concussion, fractured skull, burns and slight memory loss. However, Josiah was born, you could say, got off very easily.

All smiles! 13-year-old Josiah Wiedman is happy to be discharged from the hospital soon! He and his friend were struck by lightning last week. #AzFamily

— Maria Hechanova (@MariaHechanova) August 13, 2018

Doctors and parents are sure lucky that his life was saved by a skateboard he was carrying. According to them, the metal parts on the Board grounded the discharge and he went to the ground.

After a week of treatment in the hospital Josiah returned home safely, where he will recover for another two weeks. Now he feels much better and happily giving interviews to journalists.

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