Men and women see the world differently, scientists have found

Men and women see the world differently, scientists have found

MOSCOW, 16 Aug — RIA Novosti. A simple experiment with the computer screen showed that women are much worse react to movements and recognize them more slowly than men do. Write about the scientists, who published an article in the journal Current Biology.

In recent years, scientists are actively trying to understand whether there is a physiological, evolutionary or chemical features in the body of women and men, or if all the differences in our behavior due to upbringing, hormones, and cultural traditions.

For example, in December 2013, biologists from the United States found that some parts of the brain in men communicate with each other not as do similar regions of the nervous system in women, and Vice versa. A few years ago, molecular biologists have found that a strong and weaker sex, have different perceptions of pain, and found the implication that men are “programmed” by evolution to die before women.

Murray and his colleagues unexpectedly found another similar difference between the sexes, trying to see whether autistic people are more sensitive to different visual stimuli than other people, what is often say the inhabitants.