WSJ: Donald trump has lifted restrictions on the use of cyber weapons

WSJ: Donald trump has lifted restrictions on the use of cyber weapons

The President of the United States Donald trump canceled a secret Directive to conduct cyber attacks against enemies of the United States, signed by the previous President Barack Obama, reports The Wall Street Journal, citing sources.

According to the newspaper, this was done in order to ease restrictions on the use of cyber weapons.

The document, Presidential Policy Directive 20, regulating the actions of American authorities in the case of conduct of cyber attacks, was signed by Barack Obama in 2012. Its contents were not revealed, although in 2013 some of the details became known thanks to the information released by former employee of the national security Agency, USA Edward Snowden, who is now in Russia. The WSJ does not report, did Donald trump new Directive instead of invalid.

The Directive was repealed with the regular accusations against Russia of meddling in presidential elections of 2016, as well as on the background information about the planned attacks on the electoral system during elections to the Congress of 2018, which will be held on 6 November. Previously, the U.S. cyber command structure for cyber threats based by President Obama in 2009 set up a special group to counter Russia’s interference in elections.

The Russian authorities have repeatedly on various levels have declared that did not interfere in the internal political processes of the United States. This, in particular, said the President of Russia Vladimir Putin during the meeting with Donald trump in Helsinki on 16 July. Then the us President said that he sees no reason to doubt the words of Mr. Putin, however, after critics in his address said that he misspoke and has full confidence in intelligence reports about the involvement of Russian interference in the elections.

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