The crew of the detainee in Ukraine tanker from Russia fears a violent seizure

The crew of the detainee in Ukraine tanker from Russia fears a violent seizure

MOSCOW, 15 Aug — RIA Novosti. The crew of the detained in Ukraine, the Russian tanker “Mekhanik Pogodin” fears of a violent seizure, according to the website of the company “V. F. Tanker”, which owns the ship.

“The grounds for review does not relate to the stated reasons for the detention of the vessel, and the intention of the port authority to spend is proof that the legal grounds for blocking in the port tankers with cargo for the Ukrainian recipient not found! The attempt of penetration on the ship a significant number of people under the guise of any checks raises fears of a violent seizure of the vessel,” the statement reads.

On Wednesday, the company owner said that “the Mechanic Pogodin” was forbidden to leave the port of Kherson. Before the appointed Ukraine’s permanent representative to Poroshenko in Crimea Borys Babin said that the security Service of Ukraine intends to arrest a visiting Russian vessel Kherson, “the Mechanic Pogodin,” which is under sanctions from the Kiev company from Russia. Babin said that the decision to arrest the ship yet.

Ukrainian authorities have blocked the tanker “Mekhanik Pogodin” in the port of Kherson on Friday. On Board are 12 crew members — citizens of Russia.

The situation with the vessel “Mekhanik Pogodin” not only for the last time. In the spring of this year, Ukrainian border guards detained fishing boat “Nord” with ten Russian sailors on Board, which Kyiv authorities considered citizens of Ukraine. Nine crew members were fined, the captain of the vessel faces a prison sentence of up to five years. However, only two sailors were able to return to the Crimea, and the rest remain in Ukraine.