The court has released from jail an activist of the “New grandeur” Pavlikova

The court has released from jail an activist of the “New grandeur” Pavlikova

MOSCOW, Aug 16 — RAPSI, Kirill grouse. Dorogomilovsky court of Moscow satisfied the petition of the investigation on changing the measure of restraint from detention to house arrest against activists of the movement “New greatness” Anna Pavlikova accused of creating an extremist community, the correspondent RAPSI from the courtroom.

“To satisfy the petition of the investigating authorities to change the measure of restraint in respect of Pavlikova. To elect against the accused preventive measure in the form of house arrest for a period up to 13 September,” — announced the decision of the judge of Irina Dunaeva.

Also today, the court should consider a similar petition in respect of another supernumerary case of Mary Dubovik.

Under the message a press-services SK of the Russian Federation the petition for change of a measure of restraint in respect of Pavlikova and Dubovik was sent to the court in connection with the completion of major investigation.

“This is due to the completion of the main investigative actions and the lack of grounds for further detention of girls in detention”, — stated in the message Department.

As previously reported, in March was arrested 9 activists of the movement “New grandeur” that are accused of committing a crime under article 282.1 of the RF criminal code (organization of an extremist community).

The last time district court of Moscow extended Pavlicova the term of a measure of restraint in the form of detention in jail until September 13.

The news, the Police counted several hundred participants of the “March of mothers” in the center of Moscow

Members of the movement, according to the investigation, adhere to far-right views and their leader on interrogation has declared its intention to establish a new order in Russia and plans to commit direct actions against law enforcement officers.

Case “New greatness” caused a public outcry, as the defense has evidence that it is the result of provocations by the security structures, organized this movement.