Glass in Pointe shoes, hard diets and “ballet dancer”: the main myths about ballet

Glass in Pointe shoes, hard diets and “ballet dancer”: the main myths about ballet

The Prime Minister of the Hungarian Opera house helped us to understand the basic stereotypes of the world of ballet.

No doubt, ballet is the main form of art representing our country at the international level. And however, living by its laws the world of ballet is hidden from prying eyes. Because of this and many related legends.

Our editors have compiled the most common stereotypes and asked Igor Tsvirko, the premiere of the Opera theatre and a former leading soloist of the Bolshoi theatre, to comment on them. About shot down in the blood feet, shards of glass in the Pointe shoes and the clapper — material portal Moscow 24.

“A woman working in ballet, ballerina and male ballet dancer”

No, of course. The word “ballet dancer” does not exist. A man involved in ballet, or ballet dancer, or dancer, or (as most like me) — actor. But my son came up with a new name — “ballerina”. He says, if the mother is a ballerina, dad needs to be ballerinas. Amuses me that word, and then, as I said, in Spanish “ballerina” so just as a ballet dancer.

“Ballet dancers and ballerinas have life to diet, feeding on water and salad”

It is fundamentally wrong, and if you ask the dancers, they basically eat all the diet they have meat and chocolate and cakes. In the Bolshoi theatre has its own bakery and Pirozhkova shop where they make delicious cakes with cherries, apples and cinnamon — many of them also very much. After the Premier we can afford and champagne, and a glass of wine, so there are no restrictions, because physical activity more than compensates. In General, each one watching their internal state itself.

NewsAs a ballet teacher became CEO Citroen”Real man in the ballet won’t go, there are some homosexuals”

It’s actually very stereotypical thinking. In our profession do a lot of homosexual people, but to a greater extent this is true, perhaps, after all, for the Western teams. In the Russian teams is not encouraged. I would say that the dancers in our troupe are men who are engaged in the art called ballet. Don’t know what others think, but I’m proud to be a representative of the traditional orientation in this art form.

“Ballet dancers retire in 40 years, and ballerinas prefer to not have it, because it might ruin their career”

About what ballerinas prefer not to give birth, everyone in life is different. Someone earlier finds her Prince, the man she wants to spend the rest of time we have on this planet. Therefore, there is a ballerina who give birth at 18 years, and there are those who give birth at 36 or even at 47, so there are no rules. A vivid example — Diana Vishneva. She first did a terrific career, and not so long ago gave birth to a son Rudolph. In any case, no career and no ballet can’t compare with the feeling when you have a baby.

As for pensions, if the body allows, up to 40 you can still stretch out. Artists such as Svetlana Zakharova, Roberto Bolle, Ulyana Lopatkina, is people unique features and data, so perhaps they are a little easier to keep yourself in the need for ballet to continue to dance at the turn of this age. Often time a ballet dancer is 18 years for corps de ballet and 15 years for the soloist. After 15 years of experience you can obtain a pension certificate, but continue to work until you need a theater and a leader.

NewsAs first violinist of the Bolshoi theatre became homeless”the World of ballet is so closed that ballerinas and ballet dancers prefer to create the family exclusively in their environment”

Rather, it is not due to the fact that people closed and that we do not have enough free time to visit some places. Our work is intense and takes up all the time, but when you only have one day off a week, you prefer to lie at home.