Discovered the fastest thing on the planet

Discovered the fastest thing on the planet

It’s not a Cheetah and not the peregrine Falcon.

Scientists from the Georgia Institute of Technology (USA) found the fastest thing on Earth. They found single-celled worm called Spirostomum ambiguum. It reaches a length of only 4 mm and speeds of up to 724 km/h. For this, the simplest body is compressed by 60% and shoots like a spring, according to Georgia Tech.

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Researchers are studying the nature of the speed of this creature. So how might this knowledge will help to create a tiny high-speed robots that do not require large expenditures of energy. “It is believed that cells are just small bags with a liquid comprising the fabric, but Spirostomum differs from all cells that we know,” said one of the study’s authors Saad of Bhalla.